Meet The Designer
The FLIXBRY CULTURE brand was founded by Titilayo in September 2019 who was born and brought up in Nigeria but moved down to Italy with her family at the age of 16. Her  likeness for fashion began back home when she always watch her aunt making beads, hat, head tie etc... and she got fascinate but yet she never knew that her life was about to change.
She had her son "Brian" at the age of 19, she wanted to continue her education but she felt something was still missing... until one day she found a piece of an African fabric at home and she made her first design which was a bow tie for her son Brian, and that was when she knew she wanted to do more, so she started creating hair accessories and mini tops using her sister and son as muse.
She wanted to acquire more knowledge about the fashion world but unfortunately she couldn't afford the expenses of the school, so she started researching and learning through Youtube and other platform.
FLIXBRY name derive from family and culture.
Words from Titilayo "My journey as a self taught designer has been nothing but the glory and blessings of God. I don't come from a wealthy or unconventional family.
God did that!.. And I didn't see it until now am still a work in progress. Finding my gift took me about 25 years and using my gift has been about 4 years now and I'm still learning. I pray God grace will allow my work speaks for itself. It has come to the time where I shall truly show the world my gift through my designs.
My life lesson have shaped me into becoming the woman you know as FLIXBRY CULTURE (Titilayo). Everyone should know they have potential locked in them somewhere. The ultimate you, is what I am looking to reveal once I dress you.
FLIXBRY CULTURE to me means 'shape of life' because you can never tell how it's going to be until you try and it keeps evolving"